School Uniforms

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Sherman Academy has adopted a school dress code, which is based on District Board of Education Policy, because we believe an appropriate standard of dress is conducive to a successful and safe academic environment. Therefore, students will be required to wear the following uniforms:

Boy in School Uniform


  • Polo Shirts - light blue, long or short sleeve.
  • Oxford Shirt - light blue, long or short sleeve.
  • Oxford shirts are not considered outerwear and must be buttoned at all times, excluding the top button.
  • Only one plain white or light blue undershirt or turtleneck may be worn under the uniform shirt.
  • No undergarments, midriff or lower back are to be visible at any time.


  • Uniform pants and shorts must be dark blue (No Jeans)
  • Pants that are excessively tight, baggy, dirty or sloppy are not allowed.
  • Shorts must be no higher than four (4) inches above the knee and no longer than one (1) inch below the knee.
  • May only wear a plain brown or black belt with pants or shorts of appropriate size to fit within the belt loops. No oversized buckles or belts with logos are allowed.

Girl in School Uniform


  • Skirts, skorts and jumpers must be dark blue or Sherman Academy plaid (No Jeans).
  • Skirt, skort and jumper length is to be no more than four (4) inches above the knee.
  • No undergarments should be visible at any time. Dark blue or black "bike" shorts should be worn under skirts or jumpers.


  • T-Shirts - light blue, long or short sleeve or any Sherman Academy t-shirt
  • Uniform athletic shorts must be dark blue.
  • Sweatshirts/pants must be dark blue.


  • All sweaters, jackets and other outerwear must be dark blue.

The following are not acceptable at school:

  • Modification of uniforms (i.e. pinning, rolling, knotting, etc.)
  • Clothing or accessories that are gang-related in any way (i.e. bandanas, caps, belts, key chains, etc.)
  • Clothing with inappropriate language or pictures
  • Clothing promoting violence, drugs, tobacco or alcohol
  • Wearing cosmetics, artificial nails or excessive jewelry
  • Wearing sunglasses or hats indoors
  • Roller skate shoes with wheels

Students who are inappropriately dressed are to be sent to the office. Parents will be called and asked to provide the student with a change of clothing. In the event the parent is unable to provide clothing, the student will be given substitute clothing to change into and will be required to return them at the end of the school day.

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